Extinction Rebels

Extinction Rebels

This my first feature documentary I filmed and detected in 2015, i have still yet to release it.

Having set out to make a film, each film until this next was was pat of a premeditated path to becoming what I believe is a filmmaker. I found the commissioning side of film making a drag, i had attempted to work for news organisations and found the whole world restrictive in the ability to make a film that breaks new ground.

What I found is by asking for a challenge, was exactly that. The filming was really enjoyable, how the story unfolded was magical. What makes finishing the film difficult is deciding how and which of the stories I can tell.

The extinction rebels is one way to tell the story, as a historical and cultural document of the thoughts, beliefs and way of life. A new culture is being born out of the hopelessness and poverty all across the world. All bound by one belief, that we are heading for extinction.

The compound that homes the anarchists comes like a dystopian vision of the future. Set in the wastelands of an empty housing estate is a story about now, and the future.

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In this episode we meet the rebels, a group of eco warriors from across the world meet at an occupied housing estate in North London.

The film shows their first adventure as they attempt to stop the destruction of social housing in London.

In this film they take on billionaire tycoon Guy Hands, who after buying the estate during a mas land purchase deal of the MOD, from then Hands company Annington Homes has leased to local authorities for the housed to be used for social housing. Now Annington want so to redevelop the land for luxury housing, and evicting the exciting tenants. The rebels want to save the houses and keep them for social housing. The situation came noticed by Radical Left wing groups who had setup protest across London.

Sweetsopia the name of the compound that grew to house the people that came to support, people that came from all over the world. An Anarchist self proclaimed separate state from the United Kingdom.

In this film we go inside this anarchist world to discover who they are, how they live and what they believe.

What happened next is history.

To preview the current edit of this film contact IMWTBF@protonmail.com


Extinction Rebels

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