Blood and Oil – Documentary

Blood and Oil – Documentary

Blood and Oil is the story of Andy Frost. A drag racer from Wolverhampton is renowned for having the world’s fastest street legal car. I have filmed him for many years and captured many of his world records in the making.

The story of blood and oil is the story of his journey, as he tries to reclaim his world title once again. A crown previously held by Andy until 2014, when american drag racer Larry Larson, then another american Jeff Lutz.

This is where the story begins, as a transatlantic battle of patriotism. Around the streets of Wolverhampton tells the story of a once and still proud group of people, fighting what feels like a dying age of the old Britain. With a typically British silent discontent with the modern age and a decreasing standard of living and opportunities for the future.

The film is a death sonnet to Britain, a slow creeping changing of the ages, from the perspective of a boomer and working class. Told through the lens of the car culture, The future has never looked so bleak as lack of opportunity meets social media, leaving the reality that was for so long a dying memory of a generation.

Andy is the embodiment of Proud, someone who wants to be the best and his country be the best. His car Red Victor is a dream, born out of struggle and pain, despite being beaten and out of money he has fought on, with the support of his family and the support of his fans, who have crowdfunded the money to enable the race to continue.

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Blood and Oil – Documentary

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