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The first fracture, was austerity. In 2008 the stability and predictability of British life was taken away. The word austerity was introduced to the common vanuclar. For those lives turned upside down, it was the lived experience of a government waging war on the least advantaged in society. 

Today austerity has become a forgotten word in British politics, used for a while as a political football and the rise of Jeremy Corbyn. Today Brexit has dominated the headlines and British consciousness, while austerity and hopelessness has become reality for many. Our government would use the opportunity of a banking crash as an excuse to wage war on the population, the first being the weakest and most vulnerable. Remembered now as a failed economic policy, the debt is still there and rising. The population now accepting of its effects. Zero hour contracts and in work poverty and life in Britain is fermenting as the poverty gap increases. 


This was the first film I made in London. I meet this group of disabled people outside Parliament who were protesting against the cuts to their independent living allowance. Their stories raise fundamental questions of, what is Britain today, who treats the weakest and most vulnerable in our society?


We have seen increasing polarisation and demonetisation and a re-categorisation of the common Englishman into a right wing extremist. And of course a new progressive expectation on what to say and how to think. The media has been turned up to 10, after abandoning its traditional viewership by bias reporting in support of the EU.

The political currents have merged with the social and corporate currents. For time British culture always had a defied counter culture. In 2015 these currents merged. Today the political current flows towards the EU, the corporate culture flows towards censorship of right wing extremism and the aggressive promotion of progressiveness. Finally the metropolitan cultural currents flow in the same direction. Prejudice has always been the British way, now it has been weaponized. The British people who chose sovereignty over globalism are now surrounded and demonised. If that is not worrying enough, it’s the same thing all over the west. Fascism has returned.

If one thing Trump and Brexit have taught us is that democracy is an illusion. Both populist uprisings drew out a deeper power from the shadows, those who control the flow of modernity, their apparatus on full display. Establishment media, corporate and culture scorn at those who have finally woken up to what has been their agenda for many years. Those who do its bidding are not even aware of their own agendas, the agenda has been bread in, via attitudes and prejudice, so normal and part of everyday modern mindset of those in the west. The crisis we face is too existential for people to see. To see the lens of your own eye.




Reseach and films by Jay Davies