London Perspective

London 25/01/18

The irony Cameron’s Big Society did work. It created an ideological bubble a communistic way of life, Living in London to survive people have to share space, transport, food, resources. Austerity and the housing crisis has created a pressure to survive an atmosphere of anxiety.

Social approval here is based on virtuosity towards the group and environment.  Thought crimes are against the flow of modernity and the socialist revolution.

Its that metaphysical interplay between both sides of the political spectrum. You learn about the left from the right and you learn about the left by a fierce critique of one another. In this age of ideological bubbles, political correctness thought criminality it is dislocating discourse, that without making a nuanced understanding impossible. We realise politics is a dance of our own inner psychology that needs each other to exist, Identity politics is the language of global corporate fascism. Were incorrect thoughts are punished by the collective on both sides.

When ideological bubbles burst we are free to see we are not as divided as we first thought.