IMWTBF is a decentralized media network for independent journalists to publish their own work free from editorial restrictions to buck the trend of shallow and polarizing news coverage and provide professional in-depth journalism. We will aim to report from new perspectives outside of the traditional Overton window.

When we realize politics is a dialectical dance of our own inner psychology that needs each other to exist. When ideological bubbles burst we are set free to see we are not as divided as we first thought.


Identity, we seem to have become rootless, the London I experience is one about survival and displacement. From the land around us to the culture that exists that is in constant flux the flow of money and people are the only constant. What makes who you are in this city is your tribe, your preferences, and proclivities. You are what you eat and wear and whatever you want to be. Anonymity to explore yourself away from the judgment of the traditional community, we are free to indulge in Liberal Freedom.  

I will be publishing my research into AUSTERITY


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