Its 2015 and austerity is hurting the most vulnerable in society. It was the Cameron/ Osborne government has promised a fairer country booming economy. But that wealth is not trickling down and the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing. In reality, the austerity cuts are creating poverty and desperation and even suicide.

The authors of misery

I saw a collective trauma, of course not everybody. For those who escaped the lesson of the harsh treatment from the state, therefore never see the true colors of they who govern us.

For those that did, it broke a social contract, a radicalization for many that have largely gone unregistered. When the weakest and poorest in society suffered at the hand of what has now remembered as simply a failed policy an ideological moment of mediocre leadership from Cameron/Osborne/Smith and what was the beginnings of the biggest transfer in wealth from the poorest to the riches in society. In London, it also created a counter-reaction of a shift to the far left outside of metropolitan areas a shift to the right. We saw the rise of Jeremy Corbyn and the rise of radical progressives against a backdrop of a pan-euro shift the right. Brexit and the polarization that followed leaves us divided and unprepared for the next crash and what will follow.

For those infected the reaction was an awakening. Was the creation of a burning heart and desire to unveil the power structures that govern us. The history beyond 2008 was never to be the same again, the crumbling of the old world order and the beginning of the new.

Identity, we seem to have become rootless, the London I experience is one about survival and displacement. From the land around us to the culture that exists that is in constant flux the flow of money and people are the only constant. What makes who you are in this city is your tribe, your preferences, and proclivities. You are what you eat and wear and whatever you want to be. Anonymity to explore yourself away from the judgment of the traditional community, we are free to indulge in Liberal Freedom.  

A protester in a wheelchair getting arrested during a roadblock outside the houses of parliament.