All over the UK public land has been sold off to private property investment companies. As London's population expands demand for affordable homes are becoming unaffordable by average income families. The result is established communities are being broken up and people dispersed around the country.

It has been the biggest transfer of wealth from the poorest to the riches in society.



In January 2018 the Guardian released a special report article into the greed and corruption at the hands of a billionaire hedge fund manager called Guy Hands. The article details a disastrous deal for the TAXpayer and MoD. It is the archetypal story of privilege rich, Britain’s oligarchy and how the wealth transfer happened.

"These days, Hands runs Terra Firma from tax-friendly Guernsey. Julia pops over at weekends, but otherwise remains at their timbered mansion in Sevenoaks".  


In 2015 I helped Channel 4 report on a Housing estate owned by one of Guy Hands companies Annington Homes. The report was 6 minutes, which in today's standards is a big feature. But into today's fast turnaround for stories, the team did not have the time or remit to report in any depth about what was really going on behind the scenes.


Unreported Britian

I stayed for 3 months and captured many stories, all of which I believe accumulate a unique geopolitical story and a view of a previously unreported view of Britain.