Through 2 key operatives, the film will show an operation in process - Finding a target, confirm address related to terrorism, once found ..try exploits. The goal is to gain access, find who uses the site, who owns the site, gain access mail servers, find communication, connections to west and ultimately to find a plots to stage a terror attack.
The story will also explore a xxxxxx impersonator group called xxxxxx Group. It is believed they are the infiltrated by CIA. With high profile features on Fox News the group are unique as they report findings to the government via Michael S. Smith II of Kronos Advisory, LLC. They produce the site and a software that is claimed to contain malware. When people submit Jihadi links to their site, the only thing recorded is the IP address of the reporter. Motives remain unclear, as the goal is too basic to trap serious hackers. This will be exposed.
The film cover the "Script Kiddies" and the culture of people hacking for fame, likes and donations. And show how the DOS CHAOS is detrimental to more serious access investigations (by other hackers shutting down sites under infiltration and losing intel). This is largely been fueled by the recent spike in media interest, but incorrect media reporting without knowledge and background info adding to chaos.
Dangers - counter attack from ISIS, our Hacker has received death threats, photoshopped beheading images with anon masks. And links sent seeking to obtain ip address information. One key attacker is believed to be from the UK and attempts to find his identity and expose him will be documented.
The film will seek to demystify the chaotic world of Anonymous, expose the dangers and threats from enemy and government. As well as show actual operations.

Unreported Britian

I stayed for 3 months and captured many stories, all of which I believe accumulate a unique geopolitical story and a view of a previously unreported view of Britain.