The hostility towards Britain.

One thing I have noticed that now nationalistic so many of my migrant friends are. They hold a deep love for their people and cultures evident by there constant facebook feeds of political and social issues from their motherland.  While fighting for democracy here, Daniels conversations and attention is continually drawn to an upcoming protest about to occur in Hungary, in which he is playing a role in trying to whip up from his phone in London. The Mexican is single-minded here to fight for the people of his homeland.

A fight to reclaim the wealth from centuries of stolen resources. These people are extremists, by classification by the UK government as domestic extremists. These are extreme views. The moderate migrant integrates more peacefully, nevertheless, the sense of solidarity based around “the other” was strong. An identity of the British migrant. There was a warm sense of togetherness amongst the camp. The communist nature of sweets ways was working. The constant sense of threat from security only made the game more real and the bond stronger.

This communistic culture emerging is merging with mainstream culture, the marketplace of ideas is coming through and ideological framework, that I yet don't fully yet understand how. The dominant thinking seems to be traceable back to the banking crisis in 2008, society must be resilient to another crash. Post-capitalism is now here, marxian ideas are being fleshed out in how to reorder society to make a fairer more equal world. The last remnants of occupy still remain. What's largely remembered as a movement from the left “we are the 99%” a term created by Anarchist anthropologist David Graeber.

However, Daniel explains occupy as a coming together across ideologies, into a global network and a birth of a new consciousness.  Out of which is now morphing into a Movement of the municipality, that life should be organized in a pattern that resembles a nodal network similar to the infrastructure of the blockchain. This anarchistic interpretation of society seems to be emerging out of the state now adopting communist style community-owned land projects, were councils are now encouraged to hand the land back to the communities in cooperative structures.

Such is the dedication of professional career activists campaigning for change, either consciously guided by marx or subconsciously guided by inner morality and social pressure to be part of a groupe, history and myology of being part of a generation of civil rights, that bring more equality around the work.

While the 99% meme may have become outdated and replaced by new issues of the day. Still, there is now a generation of people still motivated to bring the change promised in the great optimism that was occupy. Since then various forces have shifted away from the zeitgeist of oneness. One being Jeremy Corbyn the other being the introduction of a new theory into the left. Privilege theory. A theory that history has left an uneven set of advantages to white males.

While women, pocs, lbgtq, have been repressed my white male dominance. A largely divisive theory that fragmented the left and street movement, while simultaneously galvanizing the right.  

The irony Cameron's Big Society did work. It created an ideological bubble a communistic way of life, Living in london to survive people have to share space, transport, food, resources. Austerity and the housing crisis has created a pressure to survive and atmosphere of anxiety.

Social approval here is based on virtuosity towards the group and environment. Thought crimes are against the flow of modernity and the socialist revolution.

Its that metaphysical interplay between both sides of the political spectrum. You learn about the left from the right and you learn about the left by fierce critique of one another. In this age of ideological bubbles, political correctness, thought criminality it is dislocating discourse, that without makes a nuanced understanding impossible. We realise politics is a dance of our own inner psychology that needs each other to exist, Identity politics is the language of global corporate fascism. Were incorrect thoughts are punished by the collective on both sides.

When ideological bubbles burst we are free to see we are not as divided as we first thought.

the harsher the austerity cuts and the pressure of homeless created by the housing crisis only strengthened the current for the socialist revolution.

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