"These days, Hands runs Terra Firma from tax-friendly Guernsey. Julia pops over at weekends, but otherwise remains at their timbered mansion in Sevenoaks".  
Guy Hands, British billionaire aristocrat, and offshore business owner.
The transfer was hidden deep within the deep state, though complex business loopholes and legal immunity. As an example let me introduce Guy Hands and his company Annington homes. At the time I helped Channel 4 news cover the story of Sweets Way in Barnet. The Channel 4 piece was 6 minutes, which in today's media is considered a feature. The true scale of the story was fragmented down to fit the slot. 
I decided to stay and capture the story, that remains untold until now


Who is Guy Hands?

In January 2018 the Guardian released a special report article into the greed and corruption at the hands of a billionaire hedge fund manager called Guy Hands. The article details a disastrous deal for the TAXpayer and MoD. It is the archetypal story of privilege rich, Britain’s oligarchy and how the wealth transfer happened.
Our exclusive film was shot inside the estate Sweets Way protest and tells the unreported stories of how the people fought back and won.



The whole estate had been used a social housing since 1996, when the developer Annington Homes had bought during MOD land buy, as reported by the Guardian, with a huge cost to the MOD and Taxpayer. Hands bought each property for £400 and the lease was granted for 999 years for free.
Now Annington Homes wanted to demolish the estate and replace the affordable housing with luxury housing. The estate had mostly been cleared in a wave of evictions. The residence unable to move had to be declared homeless before being rehomed.

Unreported Britian

I stayed for 3 months and captured many stories, all of which I believe accumulate a unique geopolitical story and a view of a previously unreported view of Britain.